February already!! Hard to believe that next month sees the first of our trade shows where designers will delight us with their collections for 2017 identifying bridal trends of the future!

Going along to these events is a necessary part of our job. Keeping up to date with emerging trends, shopping for new designs, meeting existing and new suppliers and of course catching up colleagues across the industry (usually in the champagne bar!).

This is not as easy as it sounds (really!!) particularly with the volume and variety of beautiful dresses and accessories available. So it really helps that are able to use feedback from brides who visit us to identify gaps in our collections, as well as researching what’s hot for the future.

It’s great to see the key bridal trends for 2016, picked out at last year’s events, now coming through in our new collections at Pink Confetti.

50 Shades of Ivory?

Not necessarily! Although still the predominant colour in bridal, there is a definite move towards slightly darker shades – champagne, oyster, silver, mocha, etc. The use of pastel shades also, particularly under lace.



R917 Celeste




Back to Back-less!

Undoubtedly one of the key themes for 2016! With backs being more intricate, lower scoops or V cut to the waist, creative shaping and skater back dresses – definitely giving something to look at whilst the service is being held.



1486 nicola ann 79686 1 RT


Michelle by Donna Lee



R964 Abby Back

Lace is here to stay

Still a key trend however designers are using a greater variety of textures with beaded, laser cut, corded and guipure lace adding texture plus layering lace’s with different fabrics.

Darling Editorial 2016



Princess for the Day

Beautiful full-skirted fairytale inspired gowns will always have a place in brides heart’s.  With a regal influence in classic shapes and necklines alongside floaty, ruffly designs in chiffon and tulle that provide that ultimate princess gown.

LB103 Margaret


R947 Francesca



It’s a cover up!

Continuing the trend of the last couple of years we are seeing more gowns with straps, detachable lace boleros or illusion necklines to provide a little hint of modesty without complete camouflage.

Devoted smaller





On the whole bridal fashion tends to evolve slowly, so rather than seeing year on year change (like on the high street) you notice changes over the long term, with decades rather than years being defined by a particular style (see The Changing Shape of Bridal Fashion). So it will be interesting to see which of these current trends stands the test of time.

And for the future….there is much speculation in the fashion industry on emerging trends such as floral prints, more use of colour, cropped tops, feathers and bridal suits becoming mainstream styles over the next year or so! Watch this space!

If there is a particular style or feature that you think could shape the bridal fashions of the future we’d be interested to hear about it so please feel free to leave us a comment.