Your Guide from the World of Pink Confetti to those extras to make your days truly special!

At Pink Confetti it’s not just about buying the dress and/or accessories – this is just the start of a journey where we are with you every step of the way.

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Sometimes it’s those little extras that can make a difference and we are here to help. Whatever capacity you need us. From ongoing support throughout your preparation to recommending a cleaning service for your dress – all you need to do is ask.

There are lots of things to consider when you’re organising a wedding and you can often think of questions that you meant to ask at the strangest times! Here are some tips when looking for your perfect dress and also the answers to some questions we frequently get asked, if you don’t find the answer to your question here just ask us!

Starting your search!

There is no perfect time to start searching for your wedding dress, it depends on when you are ready. Most brides will have their venue booked before they look for their dream dress as these two elements are probably the biggest factors that contribute to the overall look of the day. Some brides want to have their dress sorted a year or more before their wedding day and others are more relaxed leaving the dress search until later on the the planning. either way we recommend ordering a minimum of at least a 6-8 months before the wedding. Although it is possible to order dresses in shorter timeframes this usually comes at an additional cost. Our most common lead time is around 12 -18 months.

What sizes are your sample gowns?

Our sample gowns are generally between a UK 10  and a UK 18 and we generally only have one size of each dress.  Bridal sizing can be very different to the high street so it is best to take the dress size as a guide only especially as many of our gowns are corseted at the back so a size 18 could still try on a size 14 gown and have idea of the final look,  equally a size 8 bride can be pinned into a UK 14 gown to see the end look. With some designers it is possible to order a smaller sample closer to your size to try although there can be an additional cost for this.

What is the price range of your gowns?

Generally our gowns range from £600 to £1800 however there may be some small variations to this range both above and below as new collections arrive in the boutique and as new dresses arrive we have a variety of sample gowns that become available to purchase at a significantly reduced cost.  If budget is the main consideration when you are looking for your dress it is a good idea to let us know at the start of your appointment so we can assist you to choose suitable options.

Your first appointment?

As a bride-to-be you will no doubt spend many hours flicking through bridal magazines to pick out your ideal dress style and it can be useful to bring images of gowns you like to your appointment. Any information you can give us regarding the style of gown you like, whether it’s a shape, fabric or colour as this helps us guide you and suggest styles for you to try.  If you have no idea then we will be more than happy to suggest styles and shapes for you to try.   Unless you are well into your dress search your first appointment will be about trying lots of different shapes and styles to find the one that suits you.  Trying on gowns should be a fun, memorable experience so the best thing of all to bring with you is an open mind!

Who should I bring with me?

We know that you want to share your experience with family and friends whose opinion you value however we would suggest that you limit your guests to around 2 -3 people  as too many opinions can cause confusion!

What do I need to bring with me?

Generally we have everything you will need for your appointment however wearing comfortable underwear (it doesn’t have to be white!)and a strapless bra is always useful.  Although we can provide a full range of bridal shoes for you to use during your appointment, you may wish to bring you own if you have a heel height you wish to try on with the gowns.

Your first visit to Pink Confetti?

When you first arrive we will discuss the ideas you have for your wedding day including your venue, type of service, colour scheme if you have chosen one, any special things planned but most importantly how you imagine looking on your wedding day.

We will then take you through our collection of gowns and you can select which gowns you wish to try on.  Your party can then relax (with a glass of pink fizz or other refreshement) whilst you start trying on the gowns you have selected.

Although many brides are excited at the prospect of trying on lots of wedding gowns some find the thought daunting. However you feel we are very used to it and it is our job to put you at ease. Once you have tried a few on and we have an idea of the look you like and styles that suit you we may pick out further gowns for you to try.  As part of the ‘dressing up’ we may look at different accessories and discuss how you can alter your look with different options!

At the end of the appointment if you have found your perfect gown we can place an order – see below,  or if you prefer we can give you the details of your shortlisted gowns and book a second appointment for you to return and try your favorites again on a new day. The choice is yours, there are no hard sales tactics or no panic buying strategy, we want you to be 100% happy and confident with your choice.

What do I do to order my wedding gown?

Once you have decided on the gown we will take your measurements, complete an order form and ask you to sign a copy of our terms and conditions which we will discuss with you to advise on key points.  We ask for a 50% deposit to secure your order and enable us to place your gown on order with the designer. Generally dresses will arrive with us 12-16 weeks following your order, at which point we will contact you so that you can come in to try your dress on.

Do you provide an alterations service?

We offer all our brides the option to use our dedicated seamstress for their fittings and alterations and appointments can be made directly with her at mutually agreeable times.  The cost of your alterations are NOT included in the price of your gown and as average alteration costs are usually between £100 and £150 (excluding bespoke items like jackets etc) we suggest you obtain a quotation before any work is carried out.  Payment for your alterations should be made directly to our seamstress by cheque or cash before you collect your gown.

Will I need to take my dress home when it arrives?

Unless you want to we are happy to store your dress for you as long as you need – there is no charge for this. Your dress will be stored securely and is covered by by our insurance policy.